DevelopMED began in 1997 as a loose alliance of retired physicians, ex-hospital executives, nurses, a public relations firm, accountants and lawyers to collaborate on health-related business. Then, in 2005 they came together formally as a Florida LLC.

Since 2001 DevelopMED has raised millions of dollars with investment bankers and private investors to launch small health care companies. In addition, we’ve traded service for partial equity with a couple of companies. One such company was MedicinaNews.com, a health care (DOT.COM) company in 2001. MedicinaNews.com then secured the exclusive rights for the medical section of NEXOS, American Airlines’ Spanish-Portuguese in-flight magazine - found in all of seats traveling Latin America, Central America and Iberian Peninsula routes. In addition, we positioned said company to become the “Health Channel” for Terra.com, the world's largest Internet portal for the global Latin community.

We also have a medical multimedia publishing arm that has published a text book on cosmetic surgery, several chapters in text books for estheticians, multiple TV specials on cosmetic surgery for WLRN. We provided medical content for MedicinNews.com’s health care publication in NEXOS Magazine as well as Terr.com, the largest Latin American Internet Browser. Our latest project involved providing medical content and producing the first-ever health information CD - tailored for professional truck drivers’ health care needs. We then signed a deal with Audible.com to sell said production online via audible.com, iTunes and Amazon.com.