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DevelopMED produced a CD "audio book" on truckers’ health for The Man in White, LLC. This audio book is written in easy-to-understand language by medical specialists, and was recorded by professional voice talent.  

As opposed to a print book, which may not get read or even bought, an audio book will likely get heard while cruising down the road. Surprisingly there is no one book (or audio book) for truckers addressing these health issues. This audio book will have an audience of approximately 4.2 MM drivers, of which 1.7 MM are “big rig” operators, as well as the 8.9 MM workers in the trucking industry. 

According to the NTB, approximately 1/3 of all commercial motor vehicle crashes are due to fatigue, which may be related to sleep apnea. Other health-related accidents may be due to strokes from hypertension, impaired sensorium (low blood sugar in diabetes) and heart attacks, to name a few.

Due to truckers’ health issues, trucking companies are experiencing sky-rocketing health care costs and they are also paying out huge settlements in traffic fatalities. This is forcing trucking fleets to address this problem, thus keeping the government, the personal injury attorneys and the courts at bay. 

Congressional hearings are focusing on truckers’ health issues; and, there is a push by the FMCSA to pressure the trucking industry to become more proactive in fostering better health among their drivers - or face possible penalties. Thus, over the last couple of years there has been a frantic effort by trucking fleets to prepare for compliance. Unfortunately, the responsibility for improving truckers’ health currently falls under the direction of trucking fleets’ Safety and/or H.R. Departments; and, they have little experience in health matters. 

So, the question is not whether truckers care about their health, it is a question of whether they care about keeping their jobs.

This will be the first-ever audio book addressing truckers’ health issues in this industry. It will serve to educate and inform truck drivers and their families about illnesses, “wellness” and how to improve their health. This audio book will surely set the standard for future health books for this market.