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Miami, FL (January 11, 2012) – the publishing arm of DevelopMED, LLC  announces a publishing deal with for health & medical information in audio format for the general public. Truckers’ Road to Health is the first such audio book posted (this morning) on and It was authored by DevelopMED’s staff of 41 respected medical specialists, edited into laymen’s’ terms, and delivered by professional voice talent.

According to the Audio Publishers Association, the audio book business accounts for approximately $1BB of business per year! Downloadable audio books currently account for approximately 14% of this industry; and, due to our fast-paced, multi-tasking society, it is definitely a growth industry!

Audio books have been available since the 1930s, way before the age of tapes and CDs. Today consumers can simply order online, and download audio books into their iPad, smart phone, laptop, desktop computer, etc. The most popular use of audio books is when driving, traveling commuting, exercising, relaxing, cooking, cleaning, gardening, walking, etc.  Audio books are a valuable learning tool, particularly for professional truck drivers – on the road to health.

Unlike printed books, downloadable audio books do not carry mass production costs, do not require storage of inventory, do not require physical packaging or transportation and, even if "returned", do not require a cost of physical return or disposal. Selling online audio books allows for ease-of-access and increased sales volume, which translates into lower prices, e. g., Truckers’ Road to Health price dropped from $39.00 to $23.89!
“This is the first in a series of audio books on health care targeting professional truck drivers”, said Dr. Arroyave, DevelopMED’s CEO. Future topics include but will not be limited to lung disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, nutrition, Truckercise, obesity, back pain, exercise on the road, stress management, sleep apnea, etc. 

With a market of ~ 4.2 MM professional truck drivers, of which ~1.7 MM are “big rig” operators, is offering this book free with a 30-day free trial membership. is the largest distributor for audio books in the world; they contract with and iTunes for online sale of their audio books.

TheManInWhite.ORG is a health care, concierge-type service for thousands of truckers, negotiating discount pricing with health care providers for uninsured truckers at home and on the road. In addition, they also produce audio books on truckers’ health issues.

DevelopMED, LLC is the managing partner for www.TheManInWhite.ORG.

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