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MIAMI, FL (March 17, 2013) – DevelopMED, LLC (DM) announces the conclusion of a deal with PRODUCTS, LLC for the acquisition of a unique tethered juggling toy that will fit well within the merchandising strategy and fan appeal for all major professional sport franchises and collegiate teams. It is sure to capture the attention of sport fans between the ages of 7-70. It will also have appeal to NASCAR and Disney, e.g., ~ 75 MM NASCAR fans, and ~ 62 MM visitors to Disney Parks each year.  

Tickets sales are no longer enough to keep a sport franchise teams afloat; merchandising is critical to their financial success. Every franchise and collegiate team pursues merchandising with vigor, always looking for new and exciting products. According to price Waterhouse, merchandising revenues within the North American sport industry had revenues of approximately $13 BB in 2010, and expected to increase by 3.5% by 2015. Most teams have dedicated executives in charge of merchandising strategy - selecting products, licensing partners and outlets. In addition, most teams have a website that sells their branded merchandise, i.e., football, basketball, soccer, baseball, NASCAR, etc.  Aside from professional sport leagues, the collegiate market is also very fertile!

“This is an exciting toy that will parallel the hula-hoop, yo-yo, bobbleheads, frisbee and slinky”, said Larry Chilson, VP for DM. One company alone (Alexander Global) sells more than 1.2 MM bobbleheads per month! We look forward to working with buyers, distributors and executives in the merchandising departments of all major team franchises.” said Efrain Arroyave, CEO for DM.

With an average annual attendance at sporting events in the U.S. of approximately 148 MM; and, considering that U.S. sports’ annual merchandising revenue is estimated at $13 BB, our juggling toy should capture the attention of merchandising executives for professional and collegiate sports teams. They are always looking for products - not only adults, but also for kids who will become future ticket buyers. These companies already employ bobble-heads in their merchandising arsenal.

Millions fans translate to millions of potential customers. Most every team has hundreds, perhaps thousands of licensed products specifically targeting kids, teens, teens and adults - both sexes. “We aim to make our tethered juggling toy a major player in sports merchandising” said Arroyave.