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RiteCare Urgent Care Centers A chain of Urgent care centers in South Florida. Involved in purchase buy-out, business development and strategic alliances.
STAT Health Screens, LLC
With over 4,000 collection centers in teh USA, it is the largest direct-to-consumer discount broker for clinical labs in the USA.
Prodox, LLC Manufactures unique products.
The Man in White, LLC Medical concierge and discount brokers for "mobile truckers". Also, recently released the first-ever "audio-book" on health issues that affect truckers.
Mosaicist, Inc
Upscale Mosaicist company for high-end pools and murals. Owner is an investor with DevelopMED, LLC. Managed company's PR, marketing and ad campaign.
Cengage Publishing
Provided medical content for several chapters of their text books for aestheticians around the world
Exigent Med Group, LLC
A South Florida health care company that will be opening 5 Primary Care Doctors' Offices in Miami-Dade County in 2014 - providing100% "cash" service to uninsured patients, as well as consumers looking to keep their medical information out of the government's health care data-hub.
Robert and Judith Welsh Foundation
A not-for-profit Foundation to benefit medical education-in South Florida.