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MIAMI, FL (May 24, 2013) – Management for DevelopMED, LLC (DevelopMED) announced today that - after six years of serving as CEO for DevelopMED - Efrain Arroyave, MD has turned over the reins to Mr. Larry Chilson. Both gentlemen were founders of said company.

Mr. Chilson is the chairman of the Board for DevelopMED, and was instrumental in the business development strategies that launched STAT Health Screens, LLC (

With a background
in law enforcement, public speaking, information technology, residential construction and real estate, Mr. Chilson has a good business sense, and has been active in exploring and analyzing business ventures that are pitched to DevelopMED. “Chilson will make a great CEO; and I look forward to working with him”, said Pete Okubo, CRNA, one of the founding stockholders.

Under their leadership, they raised capital and engaged in business development for multiple health-related companies, including, STAT health screens, LLC, The Man in White, LLC, MEDtriarch, LLC and others. They also established a medical multimedia publishing arm that has published multiple text books, produced several television programs for public television, and recently produced an audio book on health for mobile truckers. A deal was then made to sell said audio book on iTunes, and

Arroyave will remain as medical director and paid consultant as he sets out to explore new health-related business ventures that focus on the growing “self-pay” health care market, whereby uninsured patients pay cash for their routine health care services. “Naturally, I will continue to bring business to DevelopMED; they are a great team of professionals”, said Arroyave.


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